College “best friends”

I was scrolling through my instagram and I noticed that one of my friends put up a photo of her and several of her other friends that she met in college and in the caption she deemed them as her best friends. I think it was the first time she ever referred to them as her best friends and I know they’re all good friends and usually hang out and go out together.

Well my point is that in all the years I’ve been in college I’ve never made any best friends whatsoever or even good friends where I would be comfortable enough to hang out with them in a non-class related setting.  And I’ve kind of put some thought into this because yes there are a lot of people that do indeed make best friends in college.

But does it depend on your personality? I’m one of those kinds of people that go to class solely to learn and get good grades and would honestly be fine without meeting or talking to anyone in the class. It’s kind of how I prefer it. My best friends that I’ve known since high school go to the same college as me and it’s the same situation for them as well. Our personalities are for the most part in the same category, that introvert type-ish. But I mean introverted people have probably made some best friends in college as well as the more extroverted individuals, they just had to have someone to initiate the contact and be interested enough in the person to continue and establish a closer relationship.

I just always thought that I kind of have enough best friends and I’m not really looking for anyone to “fill in” any missing gaps of my life or whatever to feel more satisfied? I mean it’s fine that if someone deems me interesting and we have similar interests but then all of a sudden claims me as their best friend. I don’t know how I’d feel about that? I guess it’d just take a lot more time for me to get comfortable with the person than just a few weeks or months of good chats. And to even be able to hang out will take even longer. It all just sounds time consuming and probably makes me seem like an unfriendly individual in class. I mean 90% of the time I won’t initiate small talk with anyone unless I absolutely have to, but if someone else chats in a friendly manner of course I’ll be friendly in return and hey if they continue to talk to me in class day after day that’s cool too, but once the semester ends that’s probably the end of the friendship.

Does anyone else feel the same way? is it bad that this is my view on best friends in college? I mean I don’t think so, it’s just how I am and don’t mean to be rude in any way. Feedback would be cool if anyone wants to share any experiences.