One year: From ultimate isolation to better days.

About two weeks ago I hit my one year anniversary here on wordpress. This blog was originally intended as a last resort kind of coping strategy to my anxiety and my somewhat depression.

I didn’t know what anxiety was, I didn’t think I’d get this ultimate saddened feeling where I felt like my life was basically pointless and almost wanted to do absolutely nothing every waking moment. I didn’t want to talk about it with anyone, not my family, not my closest friends. I even felt a somewhat feeling of betrayal from my closest friends so I was mostly isolating myself from any social event or even contact and remained in my paranoid/anxious state for quite some time.

Finally after I’ve had enough moping around and feeling bad for myself, I decided to start writing about how I felt as a way to cope with my anxiety/depression. I’d feel anxious, write about it, post it, and within the hour or a few hours I’d get some favorites, comments, or even follows from people that I suppose deemed me interesting enough which in turn made me feel good that there are people that can relate to me and in the end when I ultimately felt alone and isolated from everyone I knew, I actually wasn’t.

I never liked writing until I started writing to help myself. Now whenever I go out or even read books I get inspired to write something and immediately start to write some stories and save them for later publishing.

So, thank you WordPress for helping me climb out of the darkness I was surrounded in for so long. And also thank you followers who still stick around to read my meager posts.


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