Summer changes.

I didn’t really have time to write because for the first time in my life I was actually busy the whole summer taking summer classes, which by the way was the best decision I’ve made for myself for the summer instead of just sitting around at home consistently bored while all my friends are busy being busier than me.  So, despite being stuck in the books for months on end, it went quite well! I am very pleased and proud of myself.

Now, onto what I came here to write about. So my oldest brother was studying for his masters these past two years and graduated this May. For two years I saw him only about five times total since he moved up north to go to school. About every other day for two years he’d call me and just talk about his day and random stuff he did. We never really used to communicate on a more personal level before until he moved away. I mean yes we would talk every day about things but those phone calls just seemed more heartwarming? like he really just wanted to talk to me and missed me and it was a different feeling for me because we’re not like that. We’re not all emotional and in touch that way so to have him feel the need to call me almost every day just created this closeness between us that was never there.

He moved out from where he was living after he graduated back at our parent’s home where I currently reside for the summer. And I must say, it was quite refreshing having him there for a change. I was so used to hardly seeing him and it would just be me and my other older brother until he went to work and then it would just be me at home alone for half the day until my parents got home from work. We really bonded even more this summer, we share a lot of similarities so it’s incredibly easy to relate to each other.

It was just an interesting transition of myself regarding him as annoying and rude but now he’s just more brotherly. There’s just more kindness I suppose, I can’t really describe it. Two years without seeing him did make me miss him more and when I found out he was moving back home to look for a job in town, I was pretty excited to get to see him more and hang out with him more often and I think he was happy about that too. We’d never admit these kinds of things to each other, but I don’t think we needed to in order for us to know that this whole way of living was missed.