Pencil Pusher.

I remember when I was in Pre-K my uncle would sometimes come and pick me up from school. We’d have to sit outside our classroom in the hall way and wait for our parents or whoever was designated to pick you up at about noon.

My uncle was in his early twenties at the time, still a very young individual. I’d see him make his way towards my classroom, wearing baggy jeans and a flannel shirt that was one or two sizes too big. He’d take my hand as we walked across the hall to exit the school while all the remaining children watched as I took my leave.

There was this pencil machine in the middle of the hallway that I liked very much. You would put fifty cents in it and push and pull this metal piece where the coins are placed and out pops a pencil. I found it very fascinating because the pencils came in all different prints and colors and you never got the same pencil twice. It essentially was an endless pit of amusing pencils that you could use.

I always wanted one. I’d see other kids buying them and I’d get excited for them because you didn’t know what pencil you were getting and I’d see the pencil that pushed out of the machine and say something like “I want one too!” but I never had the money for it. I didn’t have the privilege of owning an “extravagant” pencil.

My uncle and I walk down the hall and I look at the pencil machine. About three kids were already in line to buy a pencil. I wanted to see what pencils they got so I lingered a bit more which caused my uncle to look at me. He saw me watching the other kids buying their pencils. He reaches into his pocket, pulls out fifty cents and gives it to me so I too can buy a pencil.

I was ecstatic. I was so happy to have fifty cents in my hand, ready to put it in the machine. I inserted the coins, pushed then pulled them inside the receiver, and out came my pencil. It was decorated with I believe fifty dollar bills. I called it the money pencil. I really liked it, it was by far the neatest pencil I had ever seen.

Every time my uncle would pick me up from school, he’d always give me fifty cents for me to buy a pencil. It made me happy and I think it made him happy too.


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