Dreams pt. 2

I had this dream that I was at a library with one of my best friends. We were about to leave and then I see one of my ex best friends, which is also sort of my best friend’s ex best friend as well(there’s a little less tension between them two vs me) so then she comes in the library and immediately starts talking to my friend and then suddenly drags her away to some other place or store. I tried going in the place they were in, but my ex best friend wouldn’t let me in. I was talking through the door to her and I was saying somewhere between the lines of “why are you doing this? why do you hate me? I got over that argument that we had that cost us our friendship a long time ago and I already forgave you. I don’t hate you, I never did.” we were both yelling at each other through the door she wouldn’t let me in, she started turning red and soon she began to cry. My friend stood there watching her and then watched me to see what I was going to do next. I looked at her crying waiting for her to do something. She opens the door and goes up to me and asks me if I was serious, I said yes. She then says that she has questions and needs answers and I said I’ll give you all the answers you need. And after that she sort of hugged me. Soon after we all calmed down she started asking questions and I gave her the answers. She accepted them and I guess things were finally okay.

It was such a dramatic, emotional dream and it felt like one of the longest dreams I’ve ever had. I don’t know why I dream of these things, the ways things are with that ex best friend aren’t really anything and I don’t really think about her at all actually. And to dream that was just odd and surprising. Despite what’s happened between us, do I still want to be friends? yes. Does she? maybe not.


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