Time For A Break.

This week was finals week and I finished all of my finals on Wednesday. Never have I been so happy and so relieved to be done with this semester. I had a very bad spring 2014 semester which in turn made me highly unmotivated for the upcoming fall semester. I took the whole summer off to recover and told myself that it is okay if I had a bad semester, people have their bad semesters and that I will pick myself up and try again and work harder in the fall.

Working hard and trying is exactly what I did this fall semester. I finally got my confidence back little by little and started doing well in school. School was still tough, I spent a lot of time studying and reading rather than just laying around not doing anything productive. I couldn’t wait for this semester to be over and done with so that I could finally go home and have a much needed break from school. I was and just so am immensely happy to come home knowing that I did so much better than the last semester and I finally feel satisfied and happy with myself for once in a long time.

I walked into a black hole and was lost, but now I’m crawling out of it.


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