Drunk Daddy.

Oh hey, its been a while since I’ve wrote something or blogged or whatever. I’ve been meaning to write this since labor day weekend but never got a chance because of school and I’m usually tired all day every day. But here I am and I’m happy to be back at this.

My dad is 54 going on 55, he’s a cashier, he’s diabetic, and also he’s an alcoholic.

I don’t exactly remember when he started drinking more heavily. I think it all started when I was in early high school, about 6-7 years ago.

Here’s a usual night at my house: dad gets home from work, eats dinner, talks for about 15 minutes, goes and watches tv until mom falls asleep, dad goes outside to drink at about maybe 10 o’clock at night, stays out until 2-3 in the morning, comes inside barely able to walk and unable to hold conversation, rummages through fridge to find food to eat, eats at dinner table and makes a mess out of whatever he eats, falls asleep in the kitchen with the food, wakes up an hour or two later, leaves the kitchen a mess, finds his way to his room and sleeps for a few hours. Literally, only a few hours. This happens about 5-6 times a week.

I don’t think my dad realizes that he has a problem. Every time my mom or myself tries to confront him about his drinking problem, he completely denies it and gets upset and says that we can’t tell him what to do. He always says that he doesn’t drink that much, but really he does drink more than the average social drinker. And he doesn’t even drink just on the weekend, it’s usually every day. I mean it’s not that I want to control what he does with his life. I’m just really concerned about him especially because he has health problems and he’s getting older and I just don’t want anything bad to happen to him and I know he’s shortening his life because of this. It is completely unhealthy.

Every time he drinks he hides the amount of empty beer cans he drinks. He lies to my mom about where he goes at night and that he won’t drink. He uses alcohol as a stress reliever. When he drinks, he drinks until he’s completely drunk and makes a fool out of himself. He’ll do anything to have a reason to go out and drink, like call his friends, go to the neighbor’s house, wait for someone to notice him when he’s outside. I just don’t understand his mentality about why he feels like he needs to drink so much almost every day of the week. He’s old, or at least an older man, and he’s doing all of these childish immature things. He just won’t grow up and take responsibility. God knows my mom and I have tried to help him, but he’s just so stubborn and unwilling.

I don’t really know what to do anymore but just let him. I’d think that maybe he’ll learn one day that he needs to stop this horrible lifestyle before it’s too late.


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