Friend of the year.

This one time while I was at library doing some work on campus I saw these two guys talking, one of them worked at the library and the other was his friend that happened to run into him.

Friend: Hey how are you?

Library worker: Oh I’m fine.

Friend: really? are you sure?

Library worker: …I don’t know anymore. *sobs very quietly*

Friend: Hey listen it’s okay, we can get lunch today and we can talk about it. Because I care about you and I love you.

Library worker: Yes, okay, that sounds good.

I thought the workers friend was so nice to him, just so caring about him. It was a rather short conversation and I didn’t expect it to go that way, but it really touched me because he just cared so much about his well being and was going out of his way to help him talk about it and get through whatever his friend is going through. What a great friend.


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