Round 3.

Tomorrow I move into my dorm, well technically today since it’s passed midnight, and start my third year of college. I don’t really know how I feel about the whole concept of going to school, being with friends, and engaging in college activities. I think my first two years I expected them to be so good and was always excited for the year to start, but as the years passed everything was just disappointment and nothing I intended out of the year. So now here I am, overlooking my first two years, and I have no thoughts or certain expectations or real excitement for this year. I just want to get good grades in school and be healthy mentally and physically. That’s all. I don’t care about social relationships at this point. I have decided to put them aside so that I won’t be distracted. I can see me keeping mostly everything to myself, not sharing so much insight with other people or even my friends. I don’t mean to sound distant or uninterested in socializing, but I really just want to try to focus on me. From what I went through in the passed two years, I really need this. I’m just here to work and graduate as soon as possible and that’s what I seek.


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