Better safe than sorry.

Today I decided to go for a run at a local spot. After I finished running three miles I decided to take a quick break and sat at a bench to re-tie my shoes and rest. I sat there for a minute and a woman comes by and sits next to me, followed by a man. I was startled because I didn’t think someone would come and sit next to me because I was already sitting there. I quickly turned and saw the woman and she looked straight into my eyes with this stern, intimidating look as well as the man with her. All of these thoughts ran through my head that they could possibly threaten or harm me at that moment that we made eye contact. As soon as we made the eye contact and saw that it could have been a potential threat to me, I quickly got off the bench and resumed my run.

Whether or whether not that was actually dangerous, which probably wasn’t, I couldn’t take any chances with anyone. It took me only seconds for me to feel very uncomfortable and my “flight or fight” response kicked in and told me I needed to leave quickly just to be sure. When I left for home all I could think about was what could of gone wrong. My heart was racing with all the possibilities. I know I may have overthought about that scene at the bench, but I just really can’t take any chances with any strangers.


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