The vicious circle is vicious.

I had the opportunity of walking out of it and opening a new door to something that may have took adjusting, but was generally farther from the possibility of being held to relapse in misery, guilt, and depression.

I didn’t take it. I decided against it. I showed one ounce of weakness and fell right back into the vicious circle. Showered with something that seemed a little more promising at the end of summer, I decided to not let my guard down and give in to people’s selfishness anymore.

I simply need myself to understand that under these circumstances, I should not and will not fall into a state of vulnerability and watch myself slowly slip back into the same miserable state that took me months to climb out of its depths of suffering.

I’m ready. I’m here to do this for myself and no one else. I intend to live better and deserve to live better.


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