Dreams pt. 1

Last night I had a relatively long dream. Usually my dreams don’t last that long, but this one was very continuous and realistic. When I wake up, I like to think about the dreams I had and wonder why I would dream about such things. I try to remember everything and find specific things in the dream that could symbolize something.

It was about one of my ex-best friends. I was walking around this really crowded street or sidewalk, waiting for someone. I was looking around and I see my ex-best friend’s brother. I thought to myself, she must be around here somewhere. I tried to leave the scene so I wouldn’t run into her, but as I was leaving I actually did bump into her. I paused and just kind of looked at her and she did the same thing. I remember saying how are you and she replied calmly. It seemed as though she was happy to see me. We walked the same way and kept talking and I said, “You know, I’ve really missed you.” and she didn’t say anything. I kept looking at her waiting for her to say something and then I said “Can we be friends again?” she still didn’t say anything. I was going to leave because I thought I was wasting my time actually believing we’d be friends again and then I hugged her as a goodbye, not knowing whether or whether not that was actually a good idea(For sure in real life I wouldn’t have done that) and then she returned the hug and hugged me harder and I was really surprised. I remember afterwards we were sitting at like a coffee shop and were just catching up. I was telling her all the things I’ve been going through and even what I thought after we weren’t friends anymore. I told her that I forgot about her and didn’t care anymore but then something would remind me of her and I’d think of the memories we’ve had and then I’d really miss her. And then I don’t know, I don’t think she really said anything while I was talking to her and saying all these things. I can’t remember if she did or didn’t. I mostly remember what I said and what I was doing. It was a really heart felt dream, actually. Just talking and her acting like how she was just made me so happy and unbelievable.

I know in reality though that we wouldn’t be friends again. She probably wouldn’t talk to me or anything. It’s true though, I do miss her. I wish our friendship didn’t end so abruptly, but it did. When I see or hear things that remind me of her, I think of the memories and would want her friendship back in my life. But you know, under the circumstances and what went on when it did end, there’s nothing I can do. She’s uncooperative and I can’t do a thing about that. Time goes on, and it’s okay. Though we may not be friends I still wish the best for her and whatever she does in life.


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