Deprived friendship

Lately I’ve been feeling deprived of my friends. I really want to see them and hang out, but I usually don’t make the effort to. I think mostly because I like to stay home and do nothing than go out of my way to get ready and leave to see them. I don’t know why I feel this way about that, it makes me feel like I’m kind of a terrible friend because I don’t want to make an effort and barely want to leave to see them. It’s not them, it’s just the way I feel about whenever I leave somewhere and interact for a while, which leaves me socially exhausted and I will want to hurry and go home to recharge. But usually when I hang out with my friends, I don’t mind being with them for hours and hours. It’s just the after effects of hanging out with them that I need to “recharge” for a while which usually means a couple of days or a week or two. Or maybe a month. I don’t know, I’m difficult. Also an introvert. Double whammy.


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