Much needed vay-cay

Friday I left for some vacation time with my family. It was definitely something that I needed. I’ve been having a lot of fun going to different places and seeing different things and shopping. Every day we’ve been out literally all day, walking place to place, getting tired by the end of the day. I love it, though. Taking a break from being home and getting to relax and have fun and not have any worries for a while is always good. I haven’t had any anxiety or stress issues. Though being at home my stress and anxiety has decreased quite a bit but every once in a while I have a little panic attack and worry so much but since being on vacation I haven’t had any of that. I wish to be like this always but tomorrow I leave for home. It was nice while it lasted and I do miss my home and my friends too. So I’m okay with leaving tomorrow. Until next time, SA. 


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