What’s wrong with people?

Is everyone now a days all totally disgusting and messed up and have no morals? I recently discovered that where I live someone made an instagram account where they expose nudes of people near the cities where I live. I just don’t understand why someone would do that to people and expose them everywhere on media. And also the people that follow the account and want to see all that exposure. Really though, what is wrong with people? why are you doing this? are you bored with your lives that you need to ruin other people’s lives too and expose them? I hope whoever is running that account gets shut down and thrown in jail or gets charges cause it’s bullshit that they’re doing that. People can see that and then see that if they are exposed they might even hurt themselves or kill themselves. Did the people that made the account ever fucking think of the bad outcomes of this or did they just purely want to entertain everyone and make people laugh by exposing people? It’s just ridiculous and pathetic. I can’t believe people are so comfortable with this whole thing, it makes me sick.


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