Behind in life

I’m 20 years old.

1. I don’t have my drivers license.

2. I’ve never had a job before.

I mean I can drive okay and everything it’s just my parents never have time to make me really practice and actually let me go and do the drivers test. It’s such an inconvenience to ask for rides all the time and I’m getting so tired of it.

Yeah I have never really had an actual job before. I don’t really want to work when I’m in school because I want to focus on my classes and studies before getting a part time job or whatever. But having one would be great so I wouldn’t depend on my parents for money. And my parents don’t make a lot of money and aren’t well off so I feel bad taking money from them.

Those are the two things I think about consistently. When I’m going to finally get my driver’s license and when I’ll get my first job. I mean I’m not too worried or stressed about it, but I really need to do something about it. I’ll probably end up getting my driver’s license when I’m like 25 or 30. I know, sad sad. Tis my life, though.

By the way,

I’m. Such. A. Procrastinator. You. Don’t. Even. Know. (in reference as to why I would get my driver’s license at age 25 or 30)


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