Not enough

I love to work out, I love to be fit. I literally spend hours a day reading articles about healthy lifestyle, fitness, exercises, body building, etc. The only thing that really holds me back is having a weak will power. Since I graduated high school, I’ve lost 40 pounds and am proud of it. I still want to lose about 15-20 more pounds to get to my goal. I read nutrition articles and I get all pumped about dieting and stuff and I end up really committing to it with counting calories and everything but then after a few weeks I give in and eat all of this crap junk food and fast food and that really affects me and my goal. It’s really hard for me to really stick to a diet when the rest of my family doesn’t exactly eat healthy with all the snacks and junk food that my parents buy and their disinterest to cut the junk food and start being healthier with me. So it’s like there’s just food there to tempt me and it’s so easy to give in. I hate it so much. Why can’t they understand my desire to live a healthier lifestyle? there’s one reason why I can’t wait for school to start and be away from them and focus on eating right. There’s one of my struggles. I had chicken nuggets and pizza today. You see? weak will power..


One thought on “Not enough

  1. Hi,
    I definitely feel you on that about your parents buying unhealthy snacks and what not. I, too, had to deal with that when I wanted to eat healthy. It’s not easy at all to stay committed to a diet and you seem like a person who has the will power to stick with the plan. The fact that you are thinking and wanting to diet speaks volumes.


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